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Elea (www.elea-technology.com) is the world leading supplier of PEF systems for food and beverage processing. We have installed 200 industrial processing systems for a wide range of applications and outputs. Elea’s highly qualified team of scientific and engineering experts deal directly with our customers to create new PEF process applications tailored to suit their specific needs. For R&D applications Elea offers the world´s most flexible unit suitable for processing solid as well as liquid products in batch or continuous mode. Contact: Stefan Toepfl, .

HVP High Voltage Products (www.hvproducts.de) is a leading technical distributor for high voltage components, pulsed power systems, and services in Europe. Centrally located in Munich, Germany, we aim to be a one-stop supplier for ALL parts of our customer’s system. Thus, we feature high-voltage power supplies, active and passive components, as well as all kinds of test & measurement devices. We constantly expand our portfolio to satisfy the evolving market developments.  Our goal is to tailor our solutions exactly to our customer’s needs by establishing a long-term relationship and excellent communication with them. Our direct involvement with our manufacturing partners allows us to offer custom specific solutions for every device of our portfolio.

VITAVE (www.vitave.com) develops and manufactures Pulsed Electric Field systems and High Voltage Pulse generators for laboratory and industry use. The devices offer a wide range of settings with voltages up to 40 kV, currents up to 500 A and pulse widths as low as 500 ns. Together with sharp rise and fall times, the virtually ideal square wave pulses (unipolar and bipolar) allow for new and unprecedented ways of PEF treatments research with burst frequencies of up to 1 MHz.

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Basis EP (www.basis-ep.com) specialization relies on power conversion from few kilowatts to several tens of megawatts with international customers. These activities require an important and active R&D department and a constant renewal of technologies. Today, BASIS EP is also able to provide to customers and partners a reliable technical answer combining our knowledge to our client’s unique expertise in the field of pulsed energy, from laboratories to industry, everywhere high density of energy is involved, especially on high voltage for food industry. Contact: Grégory Lembrouck .

EPS (energypulsesystems.pt) researches, develops, produces and sells pulsed power modulators based on state-of-the-art, high efficient semi-conductors, assembled in very flexible and modular Marx topologies which are designed to add value to several industrial sectors such as Food, Feed, Microbiology, CleanTech, Oil & Gas, Automotive and Health. Contact: energypulsesystems.pt/eps/contact-us.

ScandiNova (www.scandinovasystems.com) is by its break-through technology a world leader in development and production of Pulsed Power Systems with high power levels. The product range covers pulse modulators / generators and RF units. The solutions have a key function in radiotherapy, scientific and industrial applications such as food processing (PEF), with customers such as CERN, Varian Medical Systems and Heat and Control. ScandiNova was founded in 2001 and has its head-office in Uppsala, Sweden with 100 employees. Contact info:  Per Bendixen, .

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The DIL Engineering GmbH (dil-engineering.com/) has emerged from the DIL German Institute of Food Technologies and its department of Mechanical Engineering. We develop and manufacture machinery and equipment for our partners in the food industry as well as related sectors, and we are experts in the area of Pulsed Electric Fields (PEF), Extrusion and Shockwave Technology. A close collaboration with research and other/ external partners guarantees a continuous learning process based on the latest research results and often yields new technical developments and improvements. Contact Clemens Hollah (Managing Director),

The innovative Dutch-German company Pulsemaster (www.pulsemaster.us) combines years of unique experience with pulsed electric field processing. The production facility is located in Hapert, The Netherlands. Pulsemaster offer global support. In Lohne (Oldenburg), in Lower Saxony, Pulsemaster has an office for the German market at its disposal. Contact Mark de Boevere,